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Willow Creek Stud
Sangre de Reyes Classical Riding Academy

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Celebrating the Horse-Human Bond

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Dr. Elizabeth (Bessie) Babits, BVSc, DVM

Dr. Babits has a rare combination of qualities, being both a practicing equine veterinarian as well as a life-long trainer of horses. "I have been as much a student of the horse as well as a teacher to the horse. Although I have been molded by classical dressage masters, in both French classical work as well as in the traditional Spanish equestrian arts, much of my knowledge and work that I do with horses has come from observing, listening to, and learning from the horse. I always tell people that if they have a question about the horse, first ask the horse, and then ask the question, "why?" 

Bessie's life is devoted to that  of the horse. "I want to ensure that my horses are pain-free in their work, understand without force what is being asked, perform without resistance, and love what they do. In that way, together, with love, trust, respect, and honesty, we can perform as one, becoming a centaurion creation of artistic brilliance that could not be achieved alone." Her goal is to help horses and their riders develop connection, trust, rapport, and oneness without resistance.  That mission involves continuing the time-honored teachings of classical dressage and academic equitation melded with modern equine veterinary knowledge and techniques to assist horse and riders in performing free of pain and resistance.

Dr. Bessie Babits is an avid runner and competitor in marathons, an adventurer, and loves exploring the depths of wilderness areas off the edge of the map. She is an author of three books, with several more in the works. She is also an artist and musician, working in pastels and playing professionally the Native American flute, while finding her way with the flamenco and classical guitar. She is the creator of the product line SevSalve, which is an all-natural healing line of salves for both horses and humans. And, lastly, she is an inventor among other things. 

Willow Creek Stud

Movement, Morphology, Mind

It has been my passion and mission in life to preserve the pure and true, classical bloodlines of the Spanish Horse, while also providing the top, Elite bloodlines in my program. It is my goal to preserve and protect the older lines and type while cultivating movement that is elevated, powerful, supple, and with good rhythm and strength.

Horses with outstanding minds and temperaments will more easily develop their talents with correct classical work, which is also part of my life's mission and work. Therefore, I have worked to provide a selection of top tier stallions, containing blood lines from the Elite Stallions of the breed while also preserving some of the older, more traditional lines. 

It is my desire to provide a collection of stallions with world class bloodlines, and who possess nobility, magnetizing movement, superb minds, and can work in the highest levels of dressage.

The stallions of Willow Creek Stud have been chosen based on their morphology, movements, minds, bloodlines, and trainability. Each individual has specific qualities that make them a superb representative of the PRE, while being unique and special as individuals. Collectively, the commonalities seen in these stallions with diverse bloodlines is their quality morphology, their great trainability, and their exceptional movement. Each one serves to maintain a particular lineage that has been a pillar in the breeding of the classic PRE. With movement that is straight, powerful, easy to maneuver, and naturally collected, while also possessing the necessary strength to extend and collect with great power, these stallions are a wonderful choice for your breeding program.

Breed to a piece of history! Choose a stallion with impeccable breeding, trainability, and the ability to mentally forge a deep and abiding partnership with you. Choose a Willow Creek Stallion for your program!!

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth (Bessie) Babits, BVSc, DVM
3990 State Road 96, Youngsville, NM 87064

The Academy of Equestrian Arts

The focus for the Classical Riding Academy is one of always putting the horse's health, mentally and physically, as the first priority. When working with horses, all work is conducted in such a manner as to negate resistances, and if they are present, to determine why and find the solution to the causes of the resistances.

The scope of the Classical Riding Academy is multi-faceted. Primarily, the work is done according to the Four Main Classical Principles that Dr. Babits has determined, implemented, and follows. It is important to remember that all disciplines and horses can benefit from work in the classical principles. Classical dressage is only one aspect of work performed and taught. Alta Escuela, including work in the Airs Above the Ground, the school leaps and jumps, is taught and practiced to horses and students who are deemed capable of wanting to learn such work. Additionally, Doma Vaquera and Garrocha are practiced and taught. A very unique aspect of this Classical Riding Academy, is the work done in hand and in the long reins, and horses and students learn the intricacies and benefits of such work. 

A very select few horses are taken in for training, either in classical dressage , or to learn the work in hand, long reins, or an aspect of Doma Vaquera and garrocha. Additionally, starting young horses to a select group of horses is performed.

The Academy of Equestrian Arts provides an incredible journey into the depths of classic, traditional work with the horse, while always keeping the horse's comfort and well-being as the most important priority. It is a tremendous Academy to further one's education and journey with horses. 

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