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The Economy Long Rein Intensive

Ritmo jambette.jpg

Ritmo de Susaeta, PRE stallion 

  • The Economy Long Rein Intensive is a wonderful opportunity to delve into the art of long reining using highly trained PRE School Masters. 

  • Experience and feel correct, classical work in long reins performed in lightness.

  • Learn the four main classical principles, and how to apply them for the development of the horse.

  • Develop the knowledge of how various exercises help build the horse up physically and mentally, and their benefits for rehabilitation.

  • Learn appropriate tack, fitting of tack, safety, body language and body positions. Long rein work is based off of communication through subtle body language, positions, and energy.

  • Long rein work heightens the Horse-Human Bond and connection through trust.

  • The Intensive is not about doing movements for the sake of doing movements. It is about utilizing the long reins to effectively and systematically develop each individual horse through the classical principles, and the exercises which are a summation of those principles. 

Lumbre, PRE stallion, in long reins heading into the Santa Fe National Forest.

  • The Economy Long Rein Intensive is ONE day of instruction in long reins.

  • It consists of two lessons, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, using the exceptional Master PRE horses of Willow Creek Stud, all in a stunning landscape. 

  • In between lessons, auditing of the work with other horses, ridden, in hand, or in long reins, will provide valuable education. 

  • Students are able to feel the correct work using advanced level horses, brilliantly schooled to teach the feel of lightness and work through the mind, thought, and heart.

  • The number one priority is safety of horse and participant. 

  • If you want to learn to just do movements, this is not for you. This is about teaching FEEL, teaching the ability to think and utilize the Classical Principles through the exercises to develop the horse. 

  • Any force or unjust treatment of a SchoolMaster horse is grounds for immediate removal of the participant from the program without a refund. 

  • The horses are very well trained in all lateral work in walk, trot, canter (shoulder in, travers, renvers, reverse pirouette, half pass), piaffe, passage, jambette, Spanish Walk, transitions, canter pirouettes, and flying changes. 

  • A degree of physical fitness is recommended. Additionally, the facility does sit at an altitude of 6,700 feet. Be prepared by being able to walk, hike or jog, and maintain good hand, feet, eye coordination and body awareness while in motion. Good comfortable hiking or running shoes are a must, gloves and helmet recommended. Drink lots of water at this higher altitude to avoid headache and fatigue.

  • Cost $499 USD.

  • Lodging and meals are not provided, but there are several excellent options in the nearby community of Abiquiu.

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