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The Equine Performance Health Pyramid
Dr. Elizabeth Babits, BVSc, DVM
Alquimista de la Equitacion

The horse worked well is a well horse.
Equine Veterinary care as preventative instead of problem-based.

EPHP Diagram Printable

The Equine Performance Health Pyramid (EPHP) is a system of philosophy upon which the work with horses is focused, as well as the provision of equine health care and treatment. It demonstrates how focusing on three main aspects of the horse's anatomical and physiological processes integrate with the four main classical principles to create a goal. We could add to that goal other aspects such as improved horse-human bond and connection, improved long term soundness, improved management of existing health problems, prevention of unsoundness, and the list goes on. But, essentially, if we address and prevent problems with the gut, feet, and musculoskeletal system, we can further enhance our work based on the principles. Conversely, if we work correctly with appropriate, "kind-horse techniques" within the freedoms (not constraints!!) of the four classical principles, we enhance the horse's well being. 

Under the umbrella of the EPHP, the Long Rein Immersive, The Whole Horse Immersive, individualized lessons, clinics, consultations, and scheduled examinations and preventative planning through both veterinary knowledge/treatment modalities and rehabilitative/preventative plans of work with the horse are offered. Therefore, should you attend an Immersive or clinic, be prepared to come away with knowledge and education of both horse care and classical principles. Lectures are often part of the Immersive educational experience. And, for example, if a horse is exhibiting unsoundness during a lesson, the lesson will change at that time to address this. 


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