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Celebrating the Horse-Human Bond

  • Simple Solutions, Naturally!

  • Healing Horses, Healing Humans, Together.

  • SevSalve is a blend of natural, organic, healing ingredients designed for use in horses and people. 

  • No preservatives or chemicals.

  • No plastic containers.

  • Designed by an equine veterinarian, SevSalve has proven to be effective!

  • Three formulas are available, with two new blends currently being researched. 

Sevillano WCS and Dr. Babits, Spanish Walk

As an equine veterinarian, Dr. Babits wanted to create something that promoted healing in both horses and humans, while not being detrimental (as most wound salves are) to tissue regenerative processes. She wanted something simple, with no chemicals, no preservatives, no fillers, and all natural. She also wanted to massively celebrate the Horse Human Bond, and this creation is the result: SevSalve

A brief history behind SevSalve starts with a magnificent black PRE stallion who, as Dr. Babits states,  "owns me." Not only a phenomenal dressage horse, his courage, strength, heart, spirit, belief, and trust in her through some of his own health challenges led to the idea and creation of this product. He is the inspiration behind it. And, because of him, a Celebration of the Horse Human Bond resulted in SevSalve.


Made of the highest quality natural, organic ingredients, SevSalve WORKS!!! It has been through several trials for various ailments with SUCCESS in both HORSES AND HUMANS. This very concentrated formula lasts, and stands the test of being heat and cold resistant.

SevSalve currently comes in three different preparations and in two different sizes, a 2oz and a 1oz container:


SEVSALVE ORGINAL FORMULA: The basic formula which promotes improved healing for wounds, blemishes,                                                                dry skin, autoimmune hoof conditions, and other various issues concerning                                                                  the integumentary system.

SEVSALVE ITCH-B-GONE: Fantastic for soothing itchy skin due to allergies, insect bites, athlete's foot, dryness,                                                   irritation, and will prevent wound formation from severe allergic reactions to stings                                                   and bites. It has some lasting relief for neurogenic pruritis as well.

SEVSALVE INFLAM-A-FIGHT: A powerful arsenal against musculoskeletal pain including the reduction of heat,                                                         pain, swelling from arthritis, fractures, sore muscles, and similar ailments. It has                                                           lasting effects against brachioradial pruritis/neuropathic pruritis.

For external use only.  These statements have not been approved by the FDA. 


Our pricing includes shipping (in the USA only, contact for International):

2 oz container, shipping included is $18.95

1 oz container, shipping included is $12.95

SevSalve Reviews

“I can’t say enough good things about your Sev Salves!  I am using all three products for various issues from problem skin that won’t heal to the Itch-B-Gone for relief from an allergy rash/itch.  My husband uses the Inflam-A-Fight for the pain in his arthritic hands.  These are our “go to” salves!  Thank you for making  wellness products that work from top to bottom.”

--J. Burg

"Product review from a human with autoimmune pain flares…

Two thumbs up for SevSalve!! It managed the nerve pain (burning sensation to skin and sensitivity to touch) within one minute and relief lasted almost 3 hours. Relief of muscle tension arrived in about 20 minutes and lasted two hours. Major bonus, natural ingredients and it smells divine."

--S. Porte

O mg Bessie!! Just received your SevSalve and it is like a miracle. I've NEVER had anything so effective before. I have a very sore knee from an injury at least 3 months old, and literally within seconds the pain has subsided. I put it on my daughter's neck as she slept funnily and she's already texted me asking where she can buy some. You are a miracle! Feel free to use this as a testimonial!

--D. Hattan

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