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Past Stallions of WCS

Honoring the Stallions who have helped shape Willow Creek Stud


Arrioso SAC

Mariah's Cantariso

Contreras: 2010 bay PRE stallion, grandson of Yaco II, extravagant, brilliant movement,                     outstanding morphology, and heart and mind of pure gold. A once in a lifetime                   horse, one in a billion. Trained to high level classical dressage. 2010-2020.

Arrioso SAC: 2003 grey PRE stallion, pure Cardenas. Son of Calificado                                  Cardenas stallion, Gitano-MAC, and grandson of champion,                              Calificado stallion, Clasico-MAC. Arrioso exuded nobility,                                  class, the true PRE type, and was trained to upper level                                          classical dressage. 2003-2020.

Mariah's Cantariso: 1992 magnificent bay PRE stallion. Son of                                                  Teodoro, exceptional movement, very baroque,                                      highly noble. Champion in dressage and alta                                          doma vaquera.  Trained to high level of                                                    classical dressage and alta doma vaquera.                                                1992-2013

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