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Sangre de Reyes Ranch, home of Willow Creek Stud, is cradled in the arms of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Northern New Mexico. Here, touched by the rays of evening light, the mountains emit a glowing reddish hue, defined as the Blood of Christ, from which they are named.


A region deeply entrenched in culture and history, Northern New Mexico is pure and ancient in its land, culture, and concepts. From the Puebloan cultures that are still vitally practiced here, to the far out-reaching posts from the Spanish Colonial Empire, history is living and embracing its modern-day inhabitants and visitors to the region.





Horses have been an integral part of the shaping and structuring of the West. The early Spanish Conquistadors and settlers of the region brought with them the predecessors to our modern day Spanish horse–the Pura Raza Espanola (PRE), or Andalusian horse. What better place to breed, raise, train, exhibit, and compete the Horse of Kings.

Our ranch name, Sangre de Reyes, translates as “Blood of Kings.” Our majestic and noble horses contain the old, pure blood from the Spanish horses bred by kings for the great nobility. In Spain, to this day, the PRE horse is considered a National Treasure.

It is said that the Spanish Horse has a trait like no other horse, and that is NOBILITY. We welcome you to Sangre de Reyes, where the beauty, movement, and nobility of our horses will create an experience that will remain in your heart forever. Let the fire in their footsteps entrance you into their dance, let the gentleness in their eyes sweep you into their soul, let the breath of their life connect your spirits as one.

Welcome to Sangre de Reyes, a place where the heart and spirit of horse and human become one.





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