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CA Bacchus

  • CA Bacchus is a stunning mahogany bay stallion sired by Navarre GF, and a grandson of Teodoro.

  • 2008 IALHA registered, and ANCCE eligible, 16 hands

  • Stud Fee: $2,000 USD purebred, $1,500 partbred; plus collection and shipping fee.

Bacchus is a wonderful combination of the older lines coming from Navarre GF through Teodoro. Ladina, Navarre's dam, was sired by the great Maria Fernandez de Escalera stallion, Ganador VIII, also sire of the first Elite stallion of the PRE, Ermitano III. Bacchus' dam line has a high percentage of Guardiola on the top side through Feudal VII.

Bacchus is a very powerful and sensitive stallion. His willingness to work and trust his rider is incomparable. He is forward thinking, solid, and has a wonderful mind and temperament.

He is working in the upper levels of classical dressage, including piaffe, passage, canter pirouettes, flying changes, and has tremendous lateral work abilities. He also is doing some work in Alta Escuela with a gorgeous Spanish Walk, and has the rare ability to perform Spanish Trot. Additionally, he is working with the Jambette. Bacchus performs in exhibitions in long reins as well. 

Bacchus is a proven sire, and passes on his nobility, true-to-type PRE morphology, and movement to his progeny. He crosses very well on Quarter Horse mares, and I have not seen an Azteca by him that was not outstanding. 

If you are looking for a gorgeous stallion inside and out, with fabulous movement and great power, please consider breeding your mare to the incredible Bacchus!!

Please click on the PDF links below to access CA Bacchus' sire's ANCCE pedigree, Navarre GF, and his dam's ANCCE pedigree, CA Mireal.

Thank you for looking at the gorgeous stallion, CA Bacchus!!!

Navarre GF
CA Mireal
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