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Books by Dr. Elizabeth Babits, BVSc, DVM

Dr. Elizabeth Babits has authored three books, with several more currently in the works. With over 30 years of experience working horses classically, and with over 17 years as a practicing equine veterinarian, it was her desire to share her knowledge to better the lives of horses and their people. Utilizing her love and passion for horses and classical training, and infusing that work with her extensive practice as an equine veterinarian, she has created something that will stand the test of time with her treatises and inspirational works. 

Dr. Babits' books can be found and purchased on Amazon at the links below. Additionally, if you would like an autographed copy, contact the author directly via the Contact form or email at : You may also find them in La Tienda/The Store.

The Work in Hand Field Manual

The Work in Hand Field Manual is a classical dressage approach to training the horse by working in hand with an infusion of Spanish traditions. The Manual is designed to be consulted easily when working directly with the horse. From the initial basics of training the young horse or the horse unfamiliar with work in hand to developing the higher airs such as piaffe, passage, Spanish Walk, and Jambette, The Work in Hand Field Manual is the most comprehensive, easy to understand, and easy to use work of its kind on the market. The author, a lifelong student and Master of the traditional classical riding arts, including those of work in hand, long reining, classical dressage, doma vaquera, and alta escuela, breaks down the work step by step in an easy to follow instructive manual. Additionally, the four main classical principles of academic equitation as perceived and designed by the author are described in detail and are related to all of the presented work. As a practicing equine veterinarian, the author has designed this extremely in depth work with the horse's health and welfare in mind. Additionally, it is designed to create thinking riders and trainers who hold the horse's development mentally and physically to the highest standard.

The Long Reins Field Manual

The Long Reins Field Manual is a comprehensive instructional guide on how to develop your horse in the traditional art of long reins. Utilizing classical dressage principles established by the author, and simplified from the usual Training Pyramid, this intricately detailed work aims to develop the horse as an individual from the initial steps taken in the long reins to the highly advanced work including piaffe, passage, canter work, Spanish Walk, and Spanish Trot. As a student and Master of classical dressage, including intense work and study in the arts of work in hand, long reins, classical dressage, doma vaquera, garrocha, and alta escuela, the pervading focus throughout the work is one of exacting detail while continually relating the work and exercises back to the four main classical principles. The author, a practicing equine veterinarian, utilizes the training exercises to preserve and develop the horse's well-being, both mentally and physically. As a result, the horse and trainer together are cultivating lightness, step by step, poco a poco, enabling harmony, expression, animation, and artistic brilliance in this time-honored tradition. With an infusion of lessons learned from over 30 years of working with horses classically, Spanish traditions, and French classical dressage, this incredible treatise is in a class of its own, and is designed to assist in a moment's time while working with your horse. Enjoy the journey of oneness.

The ER is UPstairs

The ER is UPstairs is a delightful sojourn into the realm of positive energy and motivation. The author has paired compelling, thoughtful, inspirational quotes with beautiful photographs obtained while adventuring through the Southwest's heartland of New Mexico. Perceptions of reality, a never-quit-attitude, believing in one's dreams, and finding one's life-mission and purpose, are a few themes that aim at helping people find the light in darkness. Through contrasts and mindset, failure and success, impossibilities are always possibilities. A collection of motivating and inspirational quotes, the author not only takes the reader onto a magical journey of the Southwest, but also into the inner-dimensional depths of the spirit. For those needing an uplift to stay on the path, for those seeking lightness in darkness, for those aiming for higher mountains, this "little book of hope" will serve as a valuable guide along the trail of life. Saddle up and find out why the ER truly is UPstairs.

Book Reviews

"Eeeek!! So excited that I got my books!! I have long admired her training techniques, spectacular stallions, philosophies on life, and beautiful music. A veterinarian, breeder, trainer, horsewoman, and now author... I can't wait to dig in to these books by Bessie Babits!!"

--TB Equines

"I have to say, if you are interested in learning about long-lining, this is the most highly-detailed, easy-to-read, clearly written manual I have ever come across. It is a "bible" and no serious equestrian doing classical ground work should be without it."

--C. McCoy

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