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Virtual Lessons

Universal la Devesa, PRE Stallion

With the mission of helping horses as a primary priority, it is imperative to be able to reach people nationally and internationally. At times, it is more advantageous, time-preserving, and cost-effective for both instructor and student to be able to work together from the comforts of their own home. 

The focus of virtual lessons is to initiate, develop, and enhance the dialogue between horse and human, further deepening the Horse-Human Bond. Through classical principles, and technique based on knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics, the communication forms into a lovely conversation between two beings. 

Classical dressage principles benefit all riders and disciplines. So, it does not matter if you ride western, dressage, pleasure ride, or perform other disciplines. The correct development of the horse will lend itself to preservation of the horse's soundness mentally and physically. 

Virtual Lessons are offered in the following:

Work in Hand

Long Reins

Classical Riding

Basic Horsemanship

Starting the Young Horse

Doma Vaquera

Alta Escuela 

Lessons are approx. 45 minutes in length

Virtual Lesson Cost: $125/Lesson

Special Offering: Book 4 lessons for one month (1 lesson/week): $460 for a limited time

To Schedule a Lesson: 



Virtual Lessons can be done with good internet or cell service, a cell phone, and blue tooth headset. We can use Zoom and Pivo!

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