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Willow Creek Stud

        The Mission of Willow                Creek Stud

The stallions that stand at Willow Creek Stud (WCS) represent not only many of the Elite Stallions of the PRE, but have been chosen based on their morphology, movements, and minds, as well as their bloodlines. To Preserve and Protect the classic, noble, and true PRE--this is the goal. The stallions are all training in classical dressage, and each excels in the upper level work. Additionally, the stallions are worked in long reins, used for teaching, and exhibitions. Our focus is on classical dressage, that which is art in lightness between horse and rider. Representing such Elite stallions as Impaciente II, Evento, Utrerano VII, and Ermitano III, the stallions, mares, and foals at WCS are proving themselves very well. Additionally, we stand stallions containing lines of Fuego de Cardenas, Judio VII, Doblon-TR, Inedito and Libertado III, Navarre GF, Armas Zarzeno, among others. 

Sevi Spanish Walk.jpg

The Stallions of Willow Creek Stud

To visit the stallions of Willow Creek Stud, please go to each stallion's page. Should you wish to book a breeding, you may download the PDF Breeding Contract to the right, sign, and return it via email to, and pay the $250 non-refundable booking fee, which will be deducted from the stud fee. You may pay the booking fee by going to our online store, La Tienda. Below are just a few of our amazing PRE stallions. Thank you for visiting Willow Creek Stud and our incredible stallion depot!!!

Contreras shoulder.jpg
WCS Breeding Contract
J piaffe red.jpg

Jocoso LXXI, son of Fuego de Cardenas, in piaffe.

Bacchus Passage.jpg

CA Bacchus, son of Navarre GF, in passage

Uni trot 2.jpg

Universal la Devesa, son of Inedito, half brother to Nero II

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