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Sevillano WCS

  • Imported from Spain, Sevillano WCS is a magnificent black stallion, ANCCE revised, and an own son of Calificado Yeguada Militar stallion, Obcecado. 

  • Sevillano was born Jan. 2, 2006, is revised in ANCCE, stands 16.1 hands, and has a high morphological index. 

  • Stud Fee: $2,500 USD Purebred, $1,500 Outcross, to approved mares only.

  • Sevillano's movement is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! He truly has the movement of an Internationally competitive dressage horse. This horse should have been on an Olympic Team!

  • Sevi's morphological index is very high, and he has sired progeny in Spain, and for the first time in the United States when his first foal crop arrived in 2022. 

  • Not only does Sevi have world-class movement, but he has the mind and temperament that match, making him the ultimate "whole package."

  • Sevillano is trained to Grand Prix, with an incredible Passage, beautiful tempi changes and canter pirouettes. He is animated, expressive, and a complete DREAM to ride and train. 

  • Sevillano passes on his movement, mind, and magnificent presence to his foals!!! A top stallion is one who can be defined not only by his own successes, but by the quality of his progeny. 

  • Sevillano is proudly standing for the first time in the United States for the 2023 breeding season to approved mares. 

  • Sevillano is truly, without question, a treasure, a horse beyond equal, a once in a lifetime horse. You an be a part of the MAGIC by breeding to this amazing, unparalleled PRE stallion!!!! 

Sevillano WCS Pedigree
Foals by Sevillano WCS

Sevillano WCS is a top-tier,  spectacular, black PRE stallion imported from Spain. He is a son of the Calificado Yeguada Militar stallion, Obcecado, and his sire's dam is by the emblematic Leviton. Sevillano's dam line is Granda Losada through Viboro III and heavily Carthusian (mostly Terry) through Hosco II, Novato (by Destinado II), and Gorron II, along with some Romero Benitez and Yeguada Militar. 

Sevillano's movement is absolutely incredible with power, lightness, strength, elevation, animation, expression, and is quite literally world-class. He passes on this amazing movement to his progeny. Equally as  important, Sevillano has a temperament and mind that matches his stellar movement. He has great nobility, courage, tremendous work ethic, heart, and is sensitive while being unflappable in the most extreme of environments. He can be easily ridden around mares or other stallions, and has been worked bridleless even.

Sevillano has the movement desired for the modern sport horse, while possessing the more baroque morphology that keeps high breed fidelity to the PRE horse. Trained to Grand Prix dressage, Sevillano excels also in work in the long reins. 

His first foal crop in the United States has been spectacular to say the least, even while limited. For the first time, Sevillano will be standing publicly at stud for 2023. 

Now is your opportunity to breed magic into your program, to have a piece of the heaven that Sevillano creates wherever he goes. There is no other stallion like him. He truly is an extraordinary and exemplary stallion, a phenomenal representation of his breed. 

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