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Training, Lessons, Clinics

CA Bacchus and Dr. Babits, Passage

We offer training of horses in classical dressage, alta escuela, doma vaquera, garrocha, long reins, work in hand, and starting of select young horses. If starting young horses, a minimum of 3 months of training must be committed. If introducing a horse to classical dressage, alta escuela, doma vaquera for the first time, a time of 3 months must be committed. 

PRICE: $1,400 per month


Dr. Babits offers lessons in classical dressage, general horsemanship, doma vaquera, la garrocha, the art of long reins, and work in hand. Students who are serious and committed to bettering their education for their horse's benefit will be accepted. Only individual lessons, no group lessons. Video and Virtual lessons are also accepted and encouraged!!

PRICE: Using your horse: $125 for 45 minute lesson

             I am currently not offering ridden lessons on my                           horses, but do offer long rein lessons with my personal               horses: $200

             Video/Virtual Lesson: $75


Dr. Babits offers clinics in classical dressage, alta escuela, doma vaquera, garrocha, long reins, and work in hand. One, two, and three-day clinics are offered. Most clinics will be held at her facility. A few select clinics may be offered nationally.

PRICE: Price will vary depending on the number of days the clinic is, and whether, for example, in a long rein clinic, Dr. Babits' stallions are used. Additionally, pricing will vary if travel away from her facility is involved. In order to reserve your space in a clinic, price must be paid in full before registration of the clinic closes, which will be posted on clinic announcements. 

Custom Packages

Custom packages for individuals (not groups) are available, enabling you to acquire the exacting education you are looking for. At the moment, these are conducted with your horse(s), not ours. For example, if you wish to come for a few days, perhaps having two lessons a day (for example, a long rein and a ridden lesson), be able to watch other horses work, and combine that with learning about podiatry (or other topics of interest), then this may be arranged. We can be as creative as possible to meet your needs.

PRICE: Price varies depending on number of days, lessons, and whether we are providing stabling, feed, and care for your horse, or whether you use one of our horses IF that is offered. At this time, we do not offer lodging for people, but do have stabling available for horses. Contact privately for information.

General Considerations

  • Payment for training, lessons, clinics must be paid ahead of time via the PayPal link below, unless cash, in which case prior to clinic, lesson, or training. Or, you can pay for these in our online Store, La Tienda.

  • We support our VETERANS!! Veterans receive a 10% discount on lessons and clinics. 

  • For lessons and clinics, TIME is very important. Be ready, warmed up, and prepared for your lesson.

  • Cancellation/Refund policy information: See below

  • For lessons taught outside of the facility, a travel fee will be charged depending on distance. For clinics outside of the facility, airfare or fuel, lodging, and meals will be required. This will be either outright provided or be calculated into the cost of the clinic.

  • Please download, read, sign, and email, or bring with you, the waiver/release. See PDF: 

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • LESSONS: Whether using your horse or a WCS horse, if a lesson is cancelled 48 hours prior to lesson date, a full refund will be provided. If a lesson is cancelled 24 hours before lesson date, 50% of the cost of lesson will be refunded. If a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hour's notice, no refund will be given.

  • CLINICS: If a clinic slot is cancelled before 5 days from the clinic date, a full refund will be given. If cancelling 2 days before the clinic, a 50% refund will be given. Cancellation of a clinic slot 24 hours from clinic date will result in no refund. 

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