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Universal la Devesa

Uni 12.jpg
  • Universal la Devesa is sired by the ELITE  Morena de la Cova stallion, Inedito, also Calificado and Reproductor Mejorante, and is a grandson of Libertado III. 

  • He is pure Morena de la Cova on the sire's side, and pure Pallares on his dam's side. He is a half brother to multi-SICAB champion, Nero II, through Inedito.


  • 2014, ANCCE Revised, rose grey, 15.3 hands

  • Stud Fee: $2,500 USD purebred; $1,500 partbred; plus collection and shipping fee.

Universal la Devesa ANCCE Pedigree

Universal la Devesa was bred at the coveted Yeguada la Devesa. He is an own son of the famous Moreno de la Cova stallion, Inedito. Inedito is sire of the multi SICAB champion, Nero II. He is Calificado as well as having Reproductor Mejorante status. Uni is pure Moreno de la Cova on his top side.

Uni's dam's side is just as illustrious! Uni is pure Pallares  bred on the dam's side. His dam, Llesta la Devesa, is sired by one of the top Pallares stallions, also a multi SICAB champion in Functionality, Libertado III. Libertado III is Calificado, as is his sire, Bienvenido III, and has several SICAB wins in Functionality.

Llesta's dam is of Calificado status, and is by the superb stallion, Cortesano IX, who is Calificado and has Reproductor Mejorante status. Of note, is that Cortesano IX is by Perdiguero II out of a mare named Cortesana IV. That same pairing gave us not only Cortesano IX, but Cortesan VII, who is the sire of the incredible Olympic stallion, Norte Lovera! Obviously, Universal has an exceptional, winning pedigree.

Universal has tremendous strength, power, equilibrium, and sensitivity. He has an intelligence and sense of humor that is second to none. He loves learning new things, and has a tremendous work ethic. His movement is brilliant and balanced. He already has an incredible piaffe, is developing passage and Spanish Walk. Flying changes are an absolute natural breeze for him. Collection is easy. However, he equally is able to be supple and flexible, and laterally, is exceptional in all lateral work. 

Universal is being developed in classical dressage and will attain the FEI levels easily. Additionally, he is performing exhibitions in the long reins, and helping to teach at clinics in the long rein work. His natural aptitude for dressage is unparalleled. 

Of traditional baroque type, with incredible hip and hindquarter strength, and possessing brilliant, animated, and expressive movement, Uni is a top choice.

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