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The Work in Hand Field Manual is a classical dressage approach to training the horse by working in hand with an infusion of Spanish traditions. The Manual is designed to be consulted easily when working directly with the horse. From the initial basics of training the young horse or the horse unfamiliar with work in hand to developing the higher airs such as piaffe, passage, Spanish Walk, and Jambette, The Work in Hand Field Manual is the most comprehensive, easy to understand, and easy to use work of its kind on the market. The author, a lifelong student and Master of the traditional classical riding arts, including those of work in hand, long reining, classical dressage, doma vaquera, and alta escuela, breaks down the work step by step in an easy to follow instructive manual. Additionally, the four main classical principles of academic equitation as perceived and designed by the author are described in detail and are related to all of the presented work. As a practicing equine veterinarian, the author has designed this extremely in depth work with the horse's health and welfare in mind. Additionally, it is designed to create thinking riders and trainers who hold the horse's development mentally and physically to the highest standard.

The Work in Hand Field Manual, Signed Copy

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