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The ER is UPstairs is a delightful sojourn into the realm of positive energy and motivation. The author has paired compelling, thoughtful, inspirational quotes with beautiful photographs obtained while adventuring through the Southwest's heartland of New Mexico. Perceptions of reality, a never-quit-attitude, believing in one's dreams, and finding one's life-mission and purpose, are a few themes that aim at helping people find the light in darkness. Through contrasts and mindset, failure and success, impossibilities are always possibilities. A collection of motivating and inspirational quotes, the author not only takes the reader onto a magical journey of the Southwest, but also into the inner-dimensional depths of the spirit. For those needing an uplift to stay on the path, for those seeking lightness in darkness, for those aiming for higher mountains, this "little book of hope" will serve as a valuable guide along the trail of life. Saddle up and find out why the ER truly is UPstairs.

The ER is UPstairs, Signed Copy

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