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SevSalve Trail Rider's Triage is composed of one each of 1oz Original, 1 oz Itch-B-Gone, and 1 oz Inflam-A-Fight SevSalves. The perfect size to fit into a jean or coat pocket or saddle bag, these Salves will be sure to make your adventure a true Celebration of the Horse-Human Bond through red desert rocks, towering canyons, soft-hued mountain meadows, and majestic peaks. The Original formula can work to treat any wound or scratch that may unfortunately threaten to rain on you or your horse's parade. Insect bites a problem? No longer--ease the itch and pain away for you and your equine partner with Itch-B-Gone. Long day 's in the saddle for work or for play can leave you muscle sore and tired. Restore harmony to the body's aches and pains with Inflam-A-Fight. As we gear up for the upcoming season of journeys with our horses, take along something which further gives you peace of mind: The SevSalve Trail Rider's Triage. Price includes shipping.

SevSalve Trail Rider's Triage

  • Shipping and handling is included in pricing.

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