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SevSalve Inflam-A-Fight: A powerful arsenal against musculoskeletal pain including the reduction of heat, pain, swelling from arthritis, fractures, sore muscles, and similar ailments. Additionally, it has proven to aid in easing nerve pain, brachioradial pruritis, and headaches and sinus pain. 

SevSalve Inflam-A-Fight 1oz

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SevSalve Inflam-A-Fi
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    Made of the highest quality natural, organic ingredients, SevSalve WORKS!!! It has been through several trials for various ailments with SUCCESS in both HORSES AND HUMANS. This very concentrated formula lasts, and stands the test of being heat and cold resistant.

    SevSalve currently comes in three different preparations and in two different sizes, a 2oz and a 1oz container.

  • Shipping and handling are included in the  pricing anywhere in the USA.

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