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"Ask for much, be content with little, and reward often," and, "Observe and Reflect" are two of my favorite pearls from Etienne Beudant.


We should all so easily remember such jewels which greatly affect our tact with a horse. As Nuno Oliveira stated in his Reflections on Equestrian Art, "A horse will never tire of a rider who possesses both tact and sensitivity because he will never be pushed beyond his possibilities."


These simple thoughts are very profound, and mantras all people should endeavor to follow when carrying on conversations with their horses.

Right: Bacchus, PRE Stallion, with whom I have had to follow all 3 of these principles to enable the trust, partnership, and love we now share. He has taught me these virtues more than any other horse. Now, when we are done with our work together, and he is full of pride, he gives a low series of nickers (and there is no food involved with this conversation).


It is that he knows I am proud of his efforts, and we are on the same dimension. This is what I crave for in our enlightened schooling--this deep bond that no words can personally describe.

Feliz  Primavera, Happy Spring

I have come to look at the passing of years as not that this was a good or bad year. Time is a continuum of opportunities, doors opening and closing, trails opening up into wide meadows of adventure, and challenging escarpments of high mountain peaks. The years we deem "difficult" are the ones we tend to see in a false reality, shallowly scratching our fingernails on the surface of the difficulties until they bleed with rawness, where instead our hearts and spirits are actually bleeding. These moments are our greatest gifts, for it is within these times of turbulence that we have the gifted promise of self reflection, growth, understanding, and learning from deep within, should we choose to leap from the ledge of self doubt, complacency, comfort.

Living life is all about intention. The intention you put out, the energy you emanate defines your realities. Don't be afraid to dream a little...to dream the life you imagine into reality.

A New Year's Dream Story:

2018 a dream came true for me with this gorgeous stallion, a dream to import from Spain, an Impaciente II son. Ritmo de Susaeta arrived March 13 in the US, 5 years to the date of Riso's passing. There are no such things as coincidence. March 17, was one of the most painful days in my life from injury. Meeting the transport coming in from the quarantine at 2 am in Las Cruces was a humbling experience. I knew I was in bad shape, but NOTHING was going to stop me from getting my boy, my dream. I will never forget the day I touched Ritmo's neck when we loaded him onto the trailer. The powerful force of spirit in him went straight through my fingertips, the electricity hit my chest, radiated into my heart. He moved me to tears. I began to feel again. Our connection is beyond the here and now. Ritmo came into my life when I needed him most, and he will be with me for life.

I challenge everyone to live life in love, in full embodiment of heart and spirit.

And with that thought, my night is just beginning as I am heading out into the wintery cold night for work on two more colics.

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