Discounted Stud Fees  For the 2020 Breeding Season!


2020 Breeding Specials



Act now and enjoy this amazing discount! Are you ready to produce the foal of your dreams? Choose from our fine selection of five Andalusian PRE stallions.

Purebred - $1,600

Outcross  - $  750

$250 collection fee is additional on each shipment.   One year to use breedings.

All terms in stallion contract apply.

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Preservation of Classical Type

Elite and Qualified Bloodlines

Impeccable Trainability & Athleticism

It has been my passion and mission in life to preserve the pure and true, classic bloodlines of the Spanish Horse. In a trend that is more and more breeding some of the essence out of the PRE and more into Warmblood morphology and movement, it is my aim to preserve the older lines and type while cultivating movement that is elevated, powerful, with good rhythm.


Horses with outstanding minds and temperaments will more easily develop their talents with correct classical work, which is also part of my life's mission and work. Therefore, I have striven to provide a selection of top tier stallions, containing blood from the Elite Stallions of the breed, while also preserving some of the older, more traditional bloodlines. 


It has been my desire to provide a stallion depot, essentially, of world class bloodlines, and stallions who possess magnetizing movement, superb minds and temperament, and can work in both classical and competitive worlds.


My aim, thus, is to provide public access to this depot, and therefore, for a limited time, special offerings such as this will be made available so others can also realize their dream, and the preservation of the true PRE horse can continue on!


   These stallions have been chosen based on their morphology, their movements, minds, and bloodlines. Each individual has specific qualities that make them a superb representative of the breed, while also being unique and special as individuals. 


Collectively, the commonalities seen in these stallions with diverse bloodlines is their quality morphology, their great trainability combined with loving and fun personalities, and their exceptional movement. And, each one of them, also serves to maintain a particular lineage that has been a pillar of the breeding of classic PRE horses.


Each of them has movement that is straight, powerful, easy to maneuver, and is naturally collected, while also possessing the necessary strength to extend with great power. 


Breed to a piece of history, do your part in preservation of the PRE horse as it has been bred for thousands of years. Choose a stallion with impeccable breeding, trainability, and the ability to mentally forge a deep and abiding partnership with you. Choose a Willow Creek Stallion!

Visit  the  Stallion  Pages  ~  Click  Images  Above

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